This is one of those moments that truly make the Olympics Games so special.

It's no secret that we currently live in a county that often seems more divided than united, but something incredible happens when everyone no matter their background, political party, religion or even favorite football team, comes together and cheers as one. Sometimes it's for someone they have never heard of before, or a sport they know very little about, but they watch, fingers crossed, hoping for USA to get the win. Last night that moment went to Shaun White.

No stranger to the Winter Olympics, Shaun White is certainly a recognizable name, first capturing his first gold over 10 years ago in 2006. Since then he collected one more top medal in Vancouver in 2010, but it had been eight years since he last capture the gold. Last night in a stunning comeback final run, Americans from all walks of life, from the edge of their seats, watched as White captured his third gold, and the 100th Winter Olympic gold medal in United States history. The stuff legends are made of.


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