If you walk into your local hardware store in Massachusetts right now, you'll probably find a can of WD-40 hard to come by. You can blame Halloween and more specifically, pumpkin season for that.

WD-40 Can Preserve Your Pumpkin


You knew WD-40 was an amazing lubricant, but turns out it's an excellent pumpkin protector.

You may think of WD-40 as a lubricating spray or a rust remover but did you know WD-40 can be used to repel insects from your pumpkins and keep your pumpkins fresher for longer?

Simply engage the wide spray nozzle and apply a thin layer of the formula all over the pumpkin. The WD-40 formula is flammable so we don’t recommend using it on pumpkins that will be placed near a flame. wd40.co.uk

How To Make Your Pumpkin Last Longer With WD-40

The average pumpkin will cost you about $5.50 this year and people who carve one, know how time consuming it can be, especially if one gets super crafty and puts in a ton of effort.

A little fun fact about Pumpkins and what people Spend!

Average price of a pumpkin$5.47 estimated
Percentage of Americans planning to carve pumpkins46%
Number of Americans that plan to carve pumpkins154,342,178
Total jack-o-lantern expenditure$843,590,004


Pumpkins can last about two to three months in suitable weather, but if you carve them, they may only last three days.

You may have known the many uses of WD-40, but now you why WD-40 is in timely demand!

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