It never amazes me the weird Massachusetts laws I'll come across when surfing the internet. Although in some ways I am surprised because just when I thought I have seen them all another one pops up.

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We have discussed some strange Massachusetts laws in the past including gorillas not being allowed to ride in the backseat of your car or roosters not being allowed to go into bakeries. How about the fact that Christmas was illegal in Massachusetts many moons ago? I could go on and on about all of the strange Massachusetts laws that have been covered in the past but you can see 31 of them by going here.

There are a Couple of Weird Massachusetts Bathroom Laws That Pertain to Bathing

A couple of bathroom-related laws that I would like to highlight pertain to the city of Boston. These are a bit strange and kind of cancel each other out. Not that anyone would ever arrest you if you broke these laws but I thought that it would be fun to share. In Boston, (1) It's illegal to bathe unless your doctor gives you a prescription. (2) It’s also illegal not to bathe before going to bed in Boston.

Yeah, those are some strange laws but I do get a kick out of the second one. Imagine if you really had to bathe before bed each night. Who really knows for sure if these are or were really laws or just myths but either way they are included in many website articles regarding bizarre laws in Massachusetts.

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