From Boston to Worcester to Springfield to Pittsfield it's not difficult to find a Wendy's near you. Massachusetts is home to 94 locations of the fast food giant. So if you are ever craving a delicious frosty or a tasty burger, chances are you won't have to travel too far to fulfill your Wendy's itch.

There is a Dirty Little Secret Regarding Wendy's Burgers

While Wendy's is beloved by many (and some may even say it's a step up from Burger King or McDonald's) there was a shocking secret revealed by an employee that involves a kitchen preparation technique that some may find unpleasant if not downright revolting.

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Wendy's Does Something That is Less Than Appetizing With Their Cheese

According to The U.S. Sun, a Wendy's employee posted anonymously on Reddit answering questions about what it's like to work at Wendy's. At the request of the users in the forum, the employee shared some of Wendy's secrets. One of the secrets the employee revealed has to do with how the workers of the fast food chain prep the cheese.

We leave our American cheese out for like an hour before use, and it sits out even longer if we're slow It's called 'tempered' cheese.

The U.S. Sun notes that tempering cheese is the process of leaving cheese at room temperature for enhanced flavor. Wendy's uses pasteurized processed cheese, which is made with mold-inhibiting agents and additives that prevent the growth of microbes. The fast food chain previously received permission from The Michigan Department of Agriculture to leave its cheese out at room temperature for up to six hours.

It's good to know that the process is safe and approved but it does make my stomach churn a little. Will this make you think twice the next time you get in line at a Wendy's drive-thru or are you not phased by it?

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