Glenn Lagerwall is the coordinator for the Dalton Youth Program and a member of the Berkshire County Youth Football League Board. The 2018 school season is rapidly approaching and with that comes school sports. The talk of concussions and other potentially harmful injury concerning football has been a highly debated topic as of late. So, with that, comes the following press release for Western Massachusetts Football Night.

On August 16th a joint practice session will be held between all Western Massachusetts Youth and High School Football teams at each high school. All high school coaches have agreed to host their respective youth programs (Dalton Youth will practice with Wahconah, Adams/Cheshire with Hoosac, Pittsfield Saints with Taconic, etc.)  from 6pm-8pm.

The purpose of this event is to dispel misperceptions and misinformation about how the game of football is being taught to our youth and to be transparent in how the game is played. All practices will be open to the public and we invite parents, media, etc to come watch and learn how the game has developed and is being made safer of youth of all ages; from PeeWee up and through Varsity. Most practices will be broadcast on Facebook live and Coaches will be made available to narrate the practices and answer questions.

Glenn will be joining Slater and Marjo In The Morning on Thursday, August 16 just after 7 AM to expound on Western Massachusetts Football Night, as well as some other things planned for late August and September.

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