After our son Liam had some foul smelling diarrhea for about a week, we took him to see the doctor. His stool test had come back positive for gastroenteritis or the "GI bug", caused by Astrovirus.

The doctor informed us that she had seen a number of children suffering from similar symptoms recently. Liam was acting normal, no fever or vomiting, just lots of diarrhea! Then, naturally, our other son, who is ten weeks, got it! But what is Astrovirus?

Astrovirus is an important cause of viral gastroenteritis particularly in children less than 5 years of age. Occasionally it is the cause of outbreaks in the elderly in hospitals and nursing homes. Adults are likely protected from antibodies acquired in childhood, although infection in healthy adults can sometimes.

I, being the adult, had probably developed antibodies to Astrovirus when I was a kid, so I only suffered from some stomach/intestine discomfort.

The incubation period can take up to 4 days and symptoms can last up to 7 days. So, wash your hands if your kids get it! Anyone else have children under 5 years old who have had similar symptoms?

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