A winter weather advisory has been issued for the entire tri-state region on Friday afternoon due to the significant drop in temperatures that will occur between 2 and 5 pm. A "FLASH FREEZE" has been implemented as any wet surfaces will turn into ice. It is NOT advisable to be on the roads as lows also drop into the single digits. Saturday and Sunday seem to be your best bet in heading to your holiday destination, although temperatures won't go over 20 degrees and wind chills will add more complications, so plan accordingly and bundle up.

Winter Weather Advisory

Many people are hoping to get their shopping and last minute holiday errands completed, but we re-emphasize to postpone any outdoor activity until Saturday morning as stores will be open on Christmas Eve (December 24th) and are scheduled to close early. Some restaurants and bars may be open later as they'll observe their normal schedules before closing on Sunday.

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Here is what will be closed in The Berkshires on Christmas Day (December 25th)

Businesses, liquor stores, most retail outlets, local, state and federal office, schools, public libraries, banks, museums and the stock market. (Most of these closings in bold type apply on a normal basis as the holiday falls on a Sunday in 2022)

US Mail Mailbox
Ralf Geithe

There will be NO mail delivery on Monday, December 26th. Berkshire Rapid Transit Authority (BRTA) will not operate on the day after Christmas. All offices will be close on Friday. Normal service resumes on Tuesday, December 27th.

Gas fuel station with clouds and blue sky

Convenience stores and gas stations are open, but they may have limited hours. Cinemas and ski areas will be open on Sunday.

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BOTTOM LINE: Michael Conrad said it best on Hill Street Blues: "Be Careful Out There". Have a Merry Christmas and be safe while you're out and about. Don't forget, The Festival of Lights, Hanukkah continues until the weekend as we all prepare to embark on another New Year within the next week. Happy Holidays!

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