I grew up in The Berkshires and while I definitely don't consider myself a haunting enthusiast, I do feel like I've heard of most of the allegedly haunted locations in the county. Well, that was until today at least. Have you ever heard of Wizard's Glen?

I know about the legends behind the Hoosac Tunnel, Bellows Pipe Trails, and of course The Haughton Mansion, but it wasn't until today that I heard about Wizard's Glen and its reported paranormal activity. After doing a little research this is what I've heard.

Where is Wizard Glen?

Wizard’s Glen is located along a part of the Appalachian Trail that runs through the town of Dalton. This supposedly haunted site sits on the side of Gulf Road, which starts at the intersection of High Street and Park Avenue in the Southeastern part of town and eventually connects to Route 8 in Lanesboro.

What is Wizard's Glen?

Wizard’s Glen in the Berkshires is a wild, picturesque depression between two steep-sided hills, literally massive boulders that are stacked up against the hillside, some covered with some impressive murals of graffiti.

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What is the Legend of Wizard's Glen?

After asking a few friends (and yes, of course, scouring the internet) it seems to the general consensus that centuries ago Wizard's Glen was used by Native American priests and shamans to performed rituals, ceremonies, and incantations amongst the rocks in the ravine known for its echoes. It was said that they offered human sacrifices here to Hobbomocco, a Native American spirit of evil and darkness. There is a flat, broad square-ish rock known as “Devils’ Alter” where these cryptic sacrifices were said to be imposed.

The best-known story of the Wizard's Glen is of John Chamberlain, a hunter from Dalton about two hundred years ago who was bringing home a deer when a large thunderstorm hit the area. To take shelter from the storm, he decided to lay under one of the overhanging monoliths, and in the midst of the storm, he claims to have seen an evil spirit and other figures dance around, whirling themselves into a frenzy. Suddenly, a young Native American girl was brought forth and heaved onto one of the large flat stones. All the demons charged at her with knives, killing her. Chamberlain is said to have grabbed his Bible and ordered the spirits to leave her alone. The scene then vanished in the next crash of thunder and everything was again dark.

What Mysterious Things Happen at Wizard's Glen?

In modern days there are reports of a few strange phenomenons occurring in this area, the first, and most noticeable is the temperature drop. It is definitely a few degrees colder standing outside there. Allegedly at times, you can hear the cries of young girls here, and the large boulders produce a different echo and sounds than others in the area.

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