Slater and Marjo, inspired by a Reddit thread, were talking about things in other cultures that we wished were a part of regular American life.

1. Siestas

A nice afternoon nap can be extremely beneficial to one's health. Not too long, though, a nap should never exceed more than 30 minutes in duration. Napping too long allows one to enter deeper sleep and can cause grogginess. Naps can ease stress and allow for better heart health. A daily siesta is just not a part of the American lifestyle, at least for younger people anyway. I remember my father would often call me lazy if I were to take a nap after school!

2. Not Leaving Your Parents House At 18.

Once you turn 18 years old, you're outta here, kid! This is a very American way of thinking. Get a job. Go to college, etc, etc, but you can't live here anymore. In other cultures not only do children stay in the house until 30 years old sometimes, but the grandparents may live with you!

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3. Eating Together As Family

This is one thing my family always did growing up. My parents each worked two jobs; however, when we could eat together, we always made it a point to discuss each others' days. Once I turned 15, though, my friends always tried to pull me away from this, often saying, "come on, you don't wanna eat with your parents, do ya"? Being a single dad nowadays, I try to keep up with this mentality. No screens at the dinner table!

4. Not Having Health Insurance Tied To Your Employer

This is a BIG one, right? I know nobody who doesn't complain about this, unless they make $150,000. Some company's plans are just downright UNAFFORDABLE, especially family plans.

5. More Vacation Time

Work, work, work, work, work, sang Rihanna. This is the American way, right? We just don't put enough value on vacation time in this country. 2 weeks of paid vacation is just not enough, right? Sometimes ya gotta work at a company for 10 years to get a decent amount of paid vacation! On a related note regarding work-life balance, studies have shown that 4 day work weeks contribute to happier, healthier, more PRODUCTIVE employees!

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