Throughout our childhood, at some point we began to compile a collection of a certain item, hobby, toy, etc. in hopes that someday, they would turn out to be profitable investments. For me, it was baseball cards. And while I went all-in on a young, up-and-coming outfielder named Barry Bonds -- which, for a while looked very promising -- it turned out his alleged reputation for using PED's made it a dud.

According to a new article from Jen Ortiz of Cosmopolitan (h/t, if you were a collector of Beanie Babies, it could make you a whole bunch of money. Of course, condition is key to netting the most amount of money possible.

The publication surfed through eBay to find the Beanie Babies that are selling for the most amount of money. If you go through our collection and find any of these, you may be sitting on a big pile of cashola.

Here are the four items that are currently selling on eBay for over $100,000:

1. Large Wallace and Company

Current Price on eBay: $680,000

The extremely rare collection features Large Wallace, two regular-sized Wallaces, along with Cashew and Huggy. If you have this collection in full, and in great condition then "Ching Ching"!


Large Wallace and His Squad

2. Princess Bear

Current Price on eBay: $675,000

The Princess Bear, which was released in 1997, was dedicated to the late Princess Diana. According to the seller, this particular Beanie is "undoubtedly the rarest of them all." Here's why, per the soon-to-be much richer seller:

- Made in INDONESIA with an extremely short production time.

- Made with PVC, which is an error -- she should have PE pellets (whatever that means)

- Bright Green Stem

- No mass production # inside the tush tag, which means she is a (true) first edition.

- A line-space after the poem

- In museum quality condition

Take a look in your collection. If you have this one and it checks off all the boxes, congratulations!


3. Large Ariel and 9 in. Friends 'Regular' Ariel, Issy and Peanut

Current Price on eBay: $578,000

There isn't much to the description of what makes this collection so rare. So we will turn to the sourcing article for this one:

Ariel was reportedly introduced in 2000 as a tribute to a 7-year-old child who passed away following complications from AIDS. This large and regular-sized Ariel pair, along with Issy and Peanut, is up for eBay grabs for over half a million dollars.

Large Ariel & Friends

4. 15-inch Peace Bear and 9-inch Peace, Ringo and Bones

Current Price on eBay: $358,000 

If you have this collection, not only does it bring peace, love and happiness vibes, but it also could net you over $300,000 in your bank account.

Peace Bear & Friends

5. Bubbles

Current Price on eBay: $176,000

The seller has ironed out the many reasons --and errors -- this particular, and admittedly adorable, Beanie is selling for so much. Maybe you have something just like it to rake in over $150,000!

- Wrong colored thread on mouth

- Rare, older 1996 tags

- Wording in Swing Tag star is not centered

- Inside swing tag star is not centered

- Inside swing lettering is not evenly inked

- Hand sewn with orange thread

- Fins were hand sewn to the front of the fish (original Bubbles will have fins and tush tags sewn further back on body)


There you have the collectibles that can make you over six-figures. There are also 15 more that can make you anywhere from around $1,300 to $49,999.99. True story! You can check out the rest of the list right here.



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