Not every boss is as ideal as we hope for. However, there are some that live up to the awesomeness that we hope for in a superior. But usually we get an idea of what we might expect in that particular role from our favorite movies and/or TV shows. So, in Massachusetts, who is the most popular movie and/or TV boss?

Most of the time, bosses aren't hilarious like Michael Scott from 'The Office', a great leader like Commissioner Jim Gordon from 'The Dark Knight Trilogy', has the same work ethic and brawny humor as Ron Swanson from 'Parks & Recreation', or be a philanthropist playboy billionaire like Tony Stark of the 'Avengers'.

According to Google trends, Tony Stark and Jim Gordon tied for being the most popular boss in five different states each. Darth Vader finished with the second most states finding him as the most popular boss in four states, while several others tied for being the most popular in two states each. That is where you would find the most popular boss in Massachusetts. As part of the very popular TV franchise, 'Law & Order', the most popular TV boss in the Bay State is Jack McCoy.

Jack McCoy is played by talented veteran actor Sam Waterston. On 'Law & Order', McCoy is the District Attorney for the borough of Manhattan. McCoy has been known to bend and sometimes break trial rules to get convictions on the show.

Aside from Massachusetts, Virginia also picked Jack McCoy as their favorite TV boss. Other bosses making the list of favorites include Michael Corleone from 'The Godfather Saga', Sam Malone from 'Cheers', Jean-Luc Picard from 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'. and Albus Dumbledore from the 'Harry Potter Universe'.

Perhaps you're staying in this week to avoid this Winter weather and enjoying some binge-watching time in front of the TV. Maybe throw on one of these aforementioned TV shows or movies and decide who your favorite boss is.

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