March has now brought, not one, but two separate nor'easters.

This past Friday, there was a mixture of snow, sleet, rain and overall slop that lead to a lot of people being stuck in their driveways. Wednesday's was much different.

It started off very slow, making people question whether this would be one of those storms that didn't deliver on the hype. However, it didn't disappoint in the end dropping, in some areas, over 30 inches of snow.

The Berkshires took a bit of a beating in the snowfall department during Wednesday's nor'easter, but one local town took the cake. That local Berkshire area is -- drum roll, please -- Clarksburg, coming in at a whopping 32 inches of snow.

Here is how the rest of the county fared in snowfall totals, according to the National Weather Service's unofficial numbers.

Clarksburg, 32 inches

Cheshire, 31 inches

North Adams, 30 inches

Adams, 26 inches

Windsor, 24 inches

Sandisfield, 23 inches

Savoy, 23 inches

Becket, 21 inches

Peru, 20 inches

Pittsfield, 17.5 inches

Lenox, 17 inches

Lenoxdale, 16.7 inches

Great Barrington, 16.2 inches

New Marlborough, 16 inches

Williamstown, 11.5 inches

Sandisfield, 11.5 inches

Lee, 11 inches

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