In an argument that's as old as the hills, radio programmers and listeners debate on how often songs should played on the radio.

As Live 95.9's brand manager, I sometimes hear on the street or from friends, "You guys play the same songs over and over". Fact is, you're right, we do have a tight playlist of today's hit music, but not as tight as you might think.

Let's back up for a second before I explain song rotation. What is your question really, though? Is it that we play the same songs over and over, or do we play too many songs you don't like?

Radio stations are a brand. Live 95.9 is a brand, and a brand that needs to, like most other successful brands, be reinforced by what we do. We are a local radio station that provides you with local happenings, entertainment, and popular hit music.

Although local radio is still one of the largest mediums in the country, reaching 93% of Americans ages 12+ each week, MOST people DON'T listen ALL day. In fact, they listen on average less than an hour a day.

With that said, to ensure that you'll likely hear a chart topping song during YOUR time listening, we need to repeat songs. Since people's listening habits vary in terms of what time they listen, we need to repeat songs.

Consistency and familiarity also plays a big role. Like any other successful brand, when people listen to Live 95.9, they want to, for the most part, "know what they're gonna get". Compare this to Dunkin' Donuts, for example, if you went to Dunkin' every morning, and your coffee tasted DIFFERENT everyday, wouldn't you stop going?

For folks and businesses alike that listen ALL DAY, you may get sick of songs faster. But fact is, it takes a song to be played on air upwards of 75 times for people to even hear it once!


Live 95.9 has over 300 songs in regular rotation.

Live 95.9 plays ONE HOUR of '90s songs every weekday from 12P-1P, ('90s at noon).

Live 95.9 on Friday nights plays 5 hours (7P-12A) of throwbacks, (late '80s to 2010).




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