Massachusetts residents know all too well about the threats and dangers of ticks in the area. While tick activity is in full force during the warmer months ticks are still around during the winter months despite the urban legend that they are dormant during the cold weather months.

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In a recent Newsbreak article, the author mentioned how he underestimated the threat ticks pose in winter, until recently. He stated the following:

I was walking my dog on a day after a snowstorm. The temperature was in the low 40s, but there was still snow and ice on the ground. On our walk, my dog walked into a grassy area, with some pine needles, but no brush or bushes. That night, I discovered 5 ticks on her, one adult, and four tiny nymphs.

It's worth noting that ticks become dormant when the temperature drops below freezing So it makes sense that even though it is technically winter, ticks would be active as the temperature in this situation was above 32° F.

A Reminder to Massachusetts Folks to Protect Themselves When Going Outside

Just like your vehicle requires preventative maintenance, the same rings true for folks who spend any length of time outside. Protecting yourself from ticks is important and this means year-round. Make sure you keep away from wooded areas or areas that are known to have heavy tick activity. You should also tuck your pants into your socks and always make sure you examine everyone in your party including arms, legs, backs, etc. In addition, you should apply repellent with DEET to your body as that can keep ticks away. You can get more information about tick prevention and what to do if you find a tick on your person by going here.

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