How do you feel about workplace romances?  It happens all the time. It can lead to a budding romance or it could lead to a disaster between the two parties and to the once harmonious workplace.

A new study has recently been released by Moneypenny shows a large number of people think it’s not an issue to “go fishing off the company pier.”   According to Moneypenny’s survey of 2000 people in a number of different fields showed some interesting results.

According to the Moneypenny survey, 50% of Americans have either had or considered having a romantic affair with a coworker.  That may be a product of the number of hours we spend with fellow employees and those close bonds that develop.  The study shows that 94% of Americans consider coworkers more than an acquaintance and over 52% develop close friendships at work.

You heard the expression “men are dogs” and proves out in this survey.  According to the survey, 24% of men are more likely to consider a workplace relationship compared to 16% of women.

Here in Massachusetts, we are in the middle of the pack.  The Moneypenny survey says 47% of Mass residents would have a romantic affair with a coworker.  Maine registered the highest percentage at 75% and the lowest was Rhode Island with only 16% willing to take the water cooler talk to a higher level.

With age, we do tend to slow down a bit and that bares out in this survey.  According to Pennywise, the most promiscuous are between the ages of 25-34.  They are 38% more likely to develop a crush on a coworker, 11% on their boss.  Of those surveyed 1/3rd do not feel that a workplace relationship is acceptable.  One in eight admitted to having a romantic affair with a coworker at a work event like a Christmas party or other social event.  The percentage of colleagues that make it down the aisle to the “I do” stage of a relationship was 7%.

There are other interesting insights available in the complete Moneypenny article that you can access by clicking here

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