It's not every day that you spot a deadly predator, but that is exactly what the Massachusetts State Police Air Wing did on Wednesday morning when they came across a shark that was swimming very close to the shoreline. All things considered, it looked pretty innocent. See the video in this article.

The shark was 150 feet from the shoreline!

According to a post on the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page, the MSP Air Wing was conducting an ariel shark patrol on Wednesday off of Cape Cod with help from the New England Aquarium. Two State Police Air Wing members, Sergeant Gregg Spooner and Trooper Joshua Pacheco were scanning the waters off of Race Point Beach in Provincetown when they spotted what looked like a fairly big shark about 150 feet from the shoreline. That's pretty darn close.

Check out this video posted on the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page:


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The shark put nearby seals in defensive mode...

The Air Wing also spotted a group of seals that were clearly in defensive mode, as they were gathered in close to one another near the surf on the beach. John Chisholm, from the New England Aquarium, was along for the ride. He explained that, for their protection, when the seals sense a shark they huddle together.

Swimming off Cape Cod? Follow these tips:

The Massachusetts State Police concluded their post by saying that they will continue to conduct routine aerial patrols where sharks are known to be around. They also offered a few tips for swimmers that may be in the area. They say that when you are swimming on Cape Cod you should make it a point to stay away from the areas where seals are present, as that could mean there is a shark nearby. They suggest that you don't isolate yourself and make sure that you swim, paddle, kayak, and surf in groups. You should head any signage flag warnings... and of course, listen to the instructions of the lifeguards that are on duty.

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