The late founder of Yankee Candle definitely knew what to do with the fortune he made from selling all those candles. Michael James Kittredge II owned a home that dreams are made of. If there is any amenity that you can think of, this house had them all!

Recently, the home of the late Michael James Kittredge II was listed at a whopping $23 million and when you see it, you will know exactly why. This place had everything you could ask for. The 120,000 square foot home that expands over 60 acres in western Massachusetts is hard to fathom, considering everything on its property.

Not only are there 16 bedrooms, but four tennis courts, two car barns, a bowling alley, an arcade, an indoor waterpark (YES, a waterpark), a 9-hole golf course, and so much more! The property looks less like someone's home and more like it could be the campus of a university or something extraordinarily large. It's massive!

You would think that maybe the founder of a candle making conglomerate might just have candles everywhere. But instead of having that around every corner, it's everything that you ever want in a home...or on a vacation for that matter. Whoever purchases this surreal spot may just want to have a staycation at their very own place, in a different room every night.

I'm honestly running out of possible words there are to describe this thing. All I know is that if I had to work from home there, either nothing would ever get done, or I would probably end up becoming a pro tennis player, swimmer, or bowler. Check out this unbelievable spot in Leverett, MA that the late Michael James Kittredge II used to call home...

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