You learn something new everyday, right? So I pull up next to an Eversource truck in traffic the other day and displayed on the passenger door is a big "CALL 811" decal.

Call 811? I've never heard of that, have you? I assume that since you are reading this post, then you're interested as well.

It seems you can't do anything anymore these days, even if it's on your own property! Permit this, permit that, blah blah blah. I'm kidding. This is actually quite important, and...IT'S THE LAW!


I all I can think of is that scene from "The Burbs" (1989) when Tom Hanks' character is digging for the supposed dead bodies in The Klopek's basement when he strikes a gas line and the whole house explodes.

Well, that was a comedic movie and this is real life and natural gas and/or electricity is nothing to be messed around with.

SO, WHAT IS 811?

Eversource Facebook
Eversource Facebook

Call Dig Safe at 811 before you do any digging, it's the law!

Doing an extreme yard makeover? Or planting a tree? No matter how much or how little you dig, always call Dig Safe at 811. Together, we can avoid a gas leak.

State law requires that you contact Dig Safe at 811 at least 72 business hours prior to digging.

Once notified, Dig Safe will contact member utilities to come to your site and mark underground utility wires, cables and pipelines.

This free service can protect you from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines, which can cause harm to you and those around you, disrupt service to an entire neighborhood and potentially make you liable for fines and repair costs.

Now that you know about 811, will you call before you dig?

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