Ok, technically it wasn't a blizzard, but it was a huge nor'easter and it dumped over a foot of snow in Pittsfield. The storm's highest snowfall total was recorded in Peru, MA, where 32 inches fell, according to Wikipedia.


I remember where I was at... a Halloween party of course! I mean, it was a Saturday night after all.

This is Jorja and I dressed up as Katy Perry and Russell Brand. One of my early fond memories of moving to The Berkshires.

The storm was supposed to start as rain and then change to snow; however, it just snowed and snowed and snowed.

Traffic problems, power outages, and more. That didn't stop the Halloween parties, though!


Screen grab from YouTube via WWLP
Screen grab from YouTube via WWLP
Screen grab from YouTube via WWLP

This was a particularly difficult weather year (2011) for Western Massachusetts.

If you remember, in June of that year a massive EF3 tornado had ripped through Springfield, MA and Hurricane Irene hit in August.

This year, despite COVID still being around, trick or treat is happening despite some rain being in the forecast.

No snow is expected!

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