Halloween is just weeks away and trick-or-treaters all across Massachusetts are gearing up for the much anticipated candy fest.

Parents for years have been warning children of tainted candy on Halloween. Be it razor blades, needles, or other poisons, the fear was almost as bad as ghosts and goblins themselves.

Myth, Legend or Reality?

Myths have got to come from somewhere. A small Western Massachusetts town back in 1975 proved the scary legend to be reality. Similar stories have sprung to life since then, to boot.

Group of candle lit Halloween pumpkins in park on fall evening
Teri Virbickis

Pittsfield and Dalton, MA in 1975

The Berkshire County town of Dalton, which borders the county's largest city of Pittsfield, made the papers on Halloween in 1975.

These Mysterious Hills Facebook
These Mysterious Hills Facebook

A total of five instances of doctored Halloween candy have been reported to Dalton and Pittsfield police following trick or treat rounds last night. Two parents in Pittsfield told officers that youngsters had returned home with a nail and a razor blade embedded in candy bars last night, while two more instances turned up in Dalton last night. -berkshireeagle/newspapers.com

I have never, or known of anybody, to have ever found tainted Halloween candy, but similar stories have definitely popped up over the years.

Portland, OR in 2019

Portland Police Facebook
Portland Police Facebook


Eugene, OR in 2022.

EPD investigating reports of razors in Halloween candy
Detectives are investigating three similar reports, all in the area from W. 24th to W. 27th and Tyler to Friendly.
The razor appears to be something similar to a pencil sharpener blade.
EPD advises parents to check their children’s trick or treat candies before they consume them. EPD is following up with an investigation. If anyone has further reports or tips, please contact 541.682.5111.
Eugene Police has received a report of a small razor blade hidden in Halloween candy and is investigating. The reporting party lives in the Friendly Neighborhood and checked their child’s candy prior to allowing the child to have it. EPD advises parents to always check their children’s trick or treat candies before they consume them. EPD is following up with an investigation.

Tips for Parents on Checking Halloween Candy


1. Don't let kids eat candy until they get home.

2. Inspect candy under a bright light.

3. If candy doesn't look or feel right, toss it!

4. Throw out those homemade treats!

5. If you find tainted candy, call the police.

6. Cannabis and Fentanyl are unfortunate threats of today's society. fentanyl pills and powder that come in a variety of bright colors, shapes, and sizes—is a deliberate effort by drug traffickers to drive addiction amongst kids and young adults,” said DEA Administrator Anne Milgram.

This post is certainly not meant to alarm, but to promote a safe and happy upcoming Halloween!

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