One popular winter pastime in Berkshire County is hitting the slopes for the weekend. Whether is tubing, snowboarding, or skiing, our local Berkshire County ski resorts offer something for the entire family to enjoy.

I was never really a great skier. Tubing was my jam until I broke my arm in 2001. I then deflated the tube and haven't been back since. However, I have been on enough chairlifts to know what feels normal and safe. Whether it was attending a wedding on top of Jiminy Peak or checking out 13 Nights, I'm familiar with the experience of riding a chairlift here in Berkshire County. I enjoy the experience as it's a relaxing and beautiful ride.

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There are plenty of unique Facebook groups out there and one that I recently joined is Weird and Fantastic Things. Some of the posts and photos that you'll see in the group are well...weird and fantastic. One photo, I'll look at every once in a while is a photo from 1965 of a woman and child riding a chairlift. I'm just fascinated by this photo and I must admit, I get goosebumps when looking at it. As you can clearly see, safety back in the day was a bit different from today.

The seating area appears to be rather shallow, there's no restraint with the exception of the woman's arm but yet both the child and adult appear to be calm and happy in the photo. You can check out the Facebook comments attached to this photo by going here. In 2022, would you ride a chairlift like this? Would you have taken the ride back then?

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