Hypodermic needles are very sharp and very dangerous. They need to be disposed of properly in special "sharps" containers. Disposing of them in any other way could put others in danger of accidental needle jabs. And that can result in a bad injury or worse, depending on what the needle was used for in the first place.

An incident in which someone had dropped a large quantity of loose hypodermic needles into a discarded/expired medications drop box earlier this week, has prompted the North Adams Police Department to post a friendly reminder to area residents that it's NOT okay to do this.

Approximately 30 loose needles were discarded...

According to a post on the North Adams Police Department Facebook page, approximately 30 discarded loose needles were dropped into the expired medications drop-off box in the department's lobby. This of course is a problem because it poses a danger to those who are charged with emptying and processing the contents of the drop-off box.


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A friendly reminder...

The incident prompted the Department to post a reminder to residents that would drop off used or expired medications at their lobby drop-off box, not to deposit hypodermic needles there. According to the post, the department is not able to take hypodermic needles, also known as "sharps" whether or not they are new or used. Dispatchers that answer the front door intercom make it a point to inform those that are dropping off discarded meds of this rule. And on top of that, the box is clearly marked.
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(Above: stock photo of used hypodermic needles. This photo - and the photo in the header image - are not the actual needles that were discarded at the NAPD)

Where can these needles be discarded?

According to the NAPD Facebook post, Healthy Steps (former Tapestry Health) on West Main Street in North Adams WILL take discarded needles.

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