Wasps and hornets plaguing your backyard barbecue are such a buzzkill. See what I did there? Seriously though, do these things actually have a purpose on the planet other than sting people?

Do wasps serve a purpose?


Wasps are probably best known for disrupting summer picnics, but they are actually very important in keeping the ecosystem balanced, providing us with natural pest control. Without wasps, the world could be overrun with spiders and insects. 

The Common wasp.

What colors are wasps attracted to?

Let us first ask the question, like, "attracted to" in a good way or a bad way? Nobody wants to get stung, so we'll start with what colors to avoid wearing this summer unless you like pain.

Black or brown

You're more likely to get stung wearing dark(er) colors. Wasps see dark colors as predatory enemies and are more likely to attack.

Wasps also have an aversion to dark colors, like black – a trait common in their cousins (bees). As a fact, they are more likely to attack anything closer to black, according to bugsdefender.


I have a white house and I swear wasps love the bright color. If I don't spend a hundred dollars annually to get my house treated by the pest guy, I'll have a serious wasp problem in the siding around my windows and gutters alike.

Wasps like green, white, and yellow (in a good way).

Green just happens to be the color of insects that wasps get rid of in the ecosystem, so that why they love green. White is the color of flowers that wasps are attracted to it seems. Yellow, to a wasp in search of nourishment, is associated with sugar and/or carbohydrates.

How to avoid getting stung

As far as color goes, wearing white is your best bet option to avoid getting stung. Do not swat or run away from a wasp. Yellow jackets it is actually best to run from.


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