As you may very well know, I am a huge sports fan. You may also know that I am a huge fan of the Boston sports teams, including the New England Patriots.

For those of you who want to imply I have jumped on some sort of bandwagon during this amazing run the Pats have been on, that couldn't be any further from the truth. I was watching the Patriots get hammered on the field for years, the 1-15 seasons, the pre Drew Bledsoe era. It has been a long road.

Now, I have a 4-year-old son, with whom I have shared a Red Sox World Series title viewing with, last year's Super Bowl comeback win over the Falcons, and the championship victory over the Seattle Seahawks, which he didn't make it to the end because he was in all sorts of a bad mood that night. Anyways, he has been watching, enjoying and has become a fan of the Pats over the years -- at least, so I thought.

As the Patriots are just days away from attempting to win their sixth Super Bowl over the Philadelphia Eagles, I sat down with my son Grayson to get his off the cuff take on the big game. You can watch that short sit down below.

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