The temperatures in Massachusetts have definitely heated up as we've just past the holiday weekend! But even as we're in the second week of July, there is still plenty of time for a Summer vacation. With Massachusetts having plenty of popular potential destinations to choose from, we have narrowed the list down to a handful of spots that are now being called the coolest towns in Massachusetts for a Summer vacation.

Recently, the popular travel publication 'World Atlas' released its list of the 6 Coolest Towns in Massachusetts for a Summer Vacation in 2024. So, with so many already popular Summer vacation destinations throughout the Bay State, where these 'coolest towns' you need to take advantage of this Summer?

  • Concord

Not only does Concord have plenty of history throughout the town given that it (along wih Lexington) was the spot of the first battle of the American Revolution in 1775, but there are several great spots to take in. Those looking to take in all of that history may want to check out the Concord Museum or Old North Bridge. But let's also mention the six unique and private gardens to visit during the 25th Annual Garden Tour this year.

  • Nantucket

Their Fourth of July celebrations are definitely second to none! Of course, they have fireworks, but also plenty of food trucks, farmers markets, and a water competition between the fire department and reserve fighters? That sounds amazing! Of course, if you already missed that, then in August, the harbor will be filled with an absurd amount of boats for the Opera House Cup.

  • Lenox

Everyone knows about how fun Tanglewood can be every Summer! This summer has some already had some great performances such as Jon Baptiste, Jason Mraz, Brandi Carlisle, with The Pretenders, the Beck and Dispatch to play with Boston Pops on separate nights. Let's also not forget all the incredible spots for hiking like Kennedy Park and Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. If you like being outdoors, you'll love what the Summer has to offer in Lenox!

  • Provincetown

Provincetown is already known as one of the top coastal towns in the U.S. But also, in August (17th thru 24th), their Carnival festival will feature lots of parades, parties, costumes, and performances.

  • Rockport

While the city is known for its spots throughout the town for shopping, dining, and culture in general, not to mention so many scenic spots, the town just concluded its Rockport Chamber Music Festival which will feature performances by blues, jazz, and indie from June 7 to July 7. The small town is also home to what is known as the best small town restaurant in Massachusetts and one can find that at the Roy Moore Lobster Company.

  • Shelburne Falls

The town of Shelburne Falls is on the National Register of Historic Places. Probably the most scenic of spots is the Bridge of Flowers which happens to be a beautiful bridge covered in flowers, placed by volunteers. High Ledges Wildlife Sanctuary also offers incredible views of Mount Greylock, as well as Deerfalls River,

And there it is, six of the coolest towns to visit for a Summer vacation in 2024 throughout Massachusetts. You have plenty of options throughout the Bay State throughout the rest of this Summer, Massachusetts! Make the most of it while you can!

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