We have finally reached another Christmas holiday and STILL have not quite returned to a sense of normalcy since the COVID-19 pandemic took it's grip almost two years ago. Another variant has become a true Grinch as people continue to take necessary precautions in staying safe. It brakes my heart that some are forced to voluntarily quarantine and remain isolated on a day where it is meant to be with family and friends.

So how are you spending Christmas Day? I have some suggestions: Keep your gatherings to a minimum and properly social distance when necessary. Plus, it is a good idea to wear your mask with the exception of when you're at the dinner table enjoying the holiday feast. Avoid large get togethers as space is limited and chances of spreading the virus are greater than usual. Two words: "BE CAREFUL"

As for yours truly, I opted to be with some of my cousins from dad's side of the family in the New York metro area. We will only be in the half dozen range with plenty of opportunity to remain 6 feet apart from each other and enjoy a home made Christmas dinner (even though I am on a diet, I will indulge just a bit and limit my portions to enjoy whatever is offered)

While you are in the spirit of giving, make sure you're "paying it forward" and helping out a neighbor in need during these trying times. You'll feel good about this act of kindness as these days it's better to give than to receive at this time of the year. Most of all, make a phone call to someone who will be in solitude on Saturday as this will show how much you care. The meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Our Lord and Savior and with his blessings, we will all get through this rough patch and hopefully by next year, things can return to how they were in the past.

Before I forget, to all named Christopher, Christine, Kristin, Chris and Kris, December 25th is also your name day in the Eastern Orthodox religious calendar in honor of Christ The Lord. Joyous blessing to all aforementioned.

In closing, I wish EACH and EVERY ONE reading this article, a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. Peace be with you and God's blessing on this special day. We are featuring non-stop sounds of the season on ALL of our Townsquare-Berkshire stations between 12 noon Christmas Eve to 7 am Sunday, December 26th so we can get everyone in our tri-state region in to the holiday spirit.

We also want to say Happy Kwaanza to all celebrating the week long festival of events that begins on the day after Christmas and ends on New Years Day.

Again, "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and to ALL "a good night"

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