Berkshire County has had plenty of fires over the last three years. It goes without saying that as residents of the Berkshires, we are very fortunate to have some of the very best firefighters in the nation. From one end of the county to the other, the bravery and skill of these amazing men and women is most certainly appreciated.

What you will see in the gallery below are ten notable fires that occurred here in Berkshire County. There are certainly many others we could have included, but these are the ones that I recalled and more importantly, ones that I had pictures of to use for the story.

Just to preview the images... these are fires that took place in northern, central, and southern Berkshire County. Some of them were quite devastating, including one in Pittsfield that you may recall displaced a total of 18 people.


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Our list ranges from the latter part of 2020 to a very recent fire that happened in the town of Adams. Four of the fires on our list were in the City of Pittsfield, one was in the town of Great Barrington, one in Dalton, and several others took place in northern Berkshire County.

So... see our list below. Maybe you can recall others that were not on our list? Feel free to let us know.



A Look Back At 10 Notable Berkshire County Fires In Pictures


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