A Winsted, Connecticut woman received the shock of her life upon her return home on Monday when she spotted a bear peering outside her kitchen window. The bizarre incident began when Shannon Davis noticed her cat was outdoors and was staring at the giant intruder from a distance. Fortunately, the feline was not harmed.

The video speaks for itself: Here is a recap of the bone chilling experience that took place in the Litchfield hills:

(Photo credit and video courtesy of WFSB-TV, channel 3 via You Tube)

Recently, there have been numerous sightings of bears in neighborhoods throughout the tri-state region. It is imperative that you secure garbage cans and remove bird feeders from your backyards as these animals are venturing out of the woods so they can grab anything to fill their stomachs. Remember, they are NOT hibernating during warmer weather.

Paul Benjou - Facebook
Paul Benjou - Facebook

The next step for Shannon Davis was to grab her camera and take a video of this odd encounter which she posted on her Facebook page. A neighbor came over to assist in this matter. The bear did not cause significant damage indoors, however a lollipop was found on her rug and a snack tray containing vanilla wafers and candy coated dots was consumed without hesitation. Can you imagine coming back home and a bear was staring at you from an open window? In one word: "Surreal".

If you recall, I recently saw a bear rummaging through our dumpster and promptly passed through the front entrance of WSBS. Lucky I kept my distance as my daily check for mail saved me from a one-on-one encounter. It was imperative for me to keep away as my spine shivered on the sight of seeing this bruin first hand. Back in my days of living in New York City, this situation is not common in any way, shape or form.

Black Bear
Alexandre Brondino/Unsplash

BOTTOM LINE: DON'T leave any windows or doors open or unlocked as this is an invitation for those of the four legged kind to just walk into your residence, because you would NOT want to be in Shannon Davis' shoes. The one positive we can take out of this is that NO ONE was seriously hurt or injured, including the bear who just headed to another area to find another opportunity to enjoy an afternoon or evening snack.

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