We missed this one about a week ago, but it's too heartwarming of a story to not share it with you now. Animal rescues are always worth sharing, and this one is pretty awesome! It happened about 13 miles south of Great Barrington, just over the Massachusetts/Connecticut border, in North Canaan.

Mama Bear was stuck right behind the town hall building...

According to a post on the Connecticut State Police Troop B North Canaan Facebook page, constables from the New Hartford Resident Troopers Office, on Wednesday of last week, were notified of a bear that was stuck in a tree behind the North Canaan town hall. Constables were able to verify that a mother bear had fallen from the top of the tree and somehow became wedged between two large sections of the tree.
CT State Police, Troop B Facebook
CT State Police, Troop B Facebook
 (Above: Mama bear wedged between to section of a tree)
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Adding to this issue were two bear cubs in the tree that would not leave their mother's side. They had climbed up much higher in the tree. As you can see in the video, they were staying nearby while mama was stuck.

(Video embedded from the Connecticut State Police Troop B North Canaan Facebook page)

A non-lethal impact round needed to be used...

According to the post, Conservation Enforcement Officers from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection were contacted and requested to respond and assist with the removal of the bear and cubs. Due to the close proximity of the town hall and its visitors, it was deemed necessary to use a non-lethal impact round (bean bag) in an attempt to move the bears along.

It was a happy ending...

The happy ending of this story is that all the bears, mama, and cubs, safely exited the tree without any apparent injuries and then wandered away from the populated town center on their own. Yay for happy endings!

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