With Valentines day just around the corner, south county residents have a bitter pill to swallow as a pair of popular confection shops in Great Barrington and Stockbridge will be closing their doors, permanently. The announcement  came as a surprise as Meilke Confections will shut down on February 14th as the owners are citing a rise in production costs that prevent them from continuing the daily operation of business.

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The shop's owners, Steven and Trent Kinney have been a staple on route 7 for almost four years as they also expanded to a location on North Street in the village of Stockbridge as well after they bought out Catherine's Chocolates which previously occupied the space. The pair cannot keep up with overhead as raw materials have skyrocketed and the increased costs of sugar, chocolate packaging and utilities have also gone up in price. As a result, they had to increase the cost of their inventory, but still could not keep up with inflation which remains rampant and with no end in sight.

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Meilke's has been a favorite stop for patrons who truly needed a satisfaction of their sweet tooth. Now they need to make alternative plans to fulfill that craving. They have enjoying an assortment of customers who have travelled locally and from out of town to sample the fare. It is uncertain on the future of their dedicated employees which include cashiers and those who concocted the sweet treats who have been enjoying a one-on-one rapport with their clients on a daily basis since 2019.

Steven Kinney summed it up best in a recent interview with The Berkshire Eagle as the bearer of bad news, but he has been looking at things on a positive note:

“The chocolate shop that was Catherine’s and became Mielke was really a feature – a pillar in the Great Barrington community,” Kinney said. “I think a lot of the customers that did and do still shop there are really what made this business what it is.”

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If you are interested in becoming the new owner of this taste tempting location, the pair is asking for a price of $795,000. That's a lot of sweet MOOLAH, MOOLAH, MOOLAH but think about the end result as you'll be putting lots of smiles on everyone's faces who has a craving for delicious candy and chocolate. MMM, MMM. GOOD!

(Some information obtained in this article courtesy of The Berkshire Eagle)

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