In the early morning hours on Saturday, Mar. 6, Pittsfield Police responded to Cumberland Farms on First St. for a reported shoplifting.

After learning that the male suspect had two outstanding warrants for his arrest, the subject took off, and a brief chase ensued.

While pursuing the suspect, it was observed that he tossed a bag he was carrying.

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After Officers Coffey and Conklin caught up with and arrested the male subject, they recovered the bag that was tossed.

Included in the bag were 700 individual small packets of a substance believed to be heroin, approximately 56 grams of crack and powdered cocaine, a scale, and bags known for distribution, according to Facebook post by PPD.

The subject will be arraigned this morning in Berkshire District Court.

Story to be updated.

If you would like a career in law enforcement, the PPD is reminding you that the civil service exam is upcoming and PPD is looking to recruit new officers.

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