The Berkshires have been known to draw celebrities for vacations and weekend visits and a handful even call The Berkshires home with part and full-time residences.

Al Rooker is no stranger to our corner of the world (The Rokers own a home right over the border in New York) and this past weekend he shared photos and a video of he and his son wrangling their family Christmas tree. While it's not the first time the Today show cast member has shared his time spent in The Berkshires on social media, it's great to see he's spending the holiday season in the area.

So here's the deal, we can't quite figure out where The Roker Family picked up their tree? Roker tagged his post location as Pittsfield and we've talked to some folks who say it's a farm on Barker Road, but we still don't have a definite answer. Based on the pictures and video, what do you think?

UPDATE: You guys we're all over it, it's Chanticleer Farm on Barker Road in Pittsfield.

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