If you're like me, you're always looking for a good deal, and when that good deal can also make you feel good about spending money, its a win win. Wendy's Frosty fans, this is the deal for you.

According to The Daily Meal Wendy's is once again selling Frosty Key Tags for 2019 which will run you just two dollars, but will earn you FREE Jr. Frostys for the rest of the year with any Wendy's purchase, no matter the size. What's the catch? Well, there's really not one.

It might leave some to wonder why Wendy's would potentially give away millions of Frostys? Well, it all stems back to the fast food chain's iconic owner, yes, Dave himself. The Dave Thomas Foundation which supports foster children and helps facilitate adoptions across the United States, was founded to carry on the former C.E.O's passion for getting foster children adopted, as he was as an infant. 85% of the proceeds of Frosty Key Tags sold before Jan. 31 will go directly to the charity.

So go ahead, spend that two bucks, support a worthy cause and enjoy free Frostys for the year!

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