Massachusetts residents love their burgers. Whether it's firing up the grill in the backyard on a nice spring or summer day or grabbing one quickly through a fast-food drive-thru while on the go, there's no shortage of burger lovers and burger options in Massachusetts.

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Of course, not all fast-food burger chains are created equal. Some places are going to give you a fresh, juicy burger that tastes like something you may have prepared on your grill while others are going to be dry, tasteless, and shrimpy. With that in mind, it's a good idea to know what the less-desired burger chains are. Then again we all have an opinion, right?

Which Burger Chains Should Massachusetts Folks Avoid? 

24/7 Wall St. released a top 10 list of burger joint brands you should never buy and I can already say I'm not in agreement with some of the site's picks that made it on the list, particularly #1. Let's take a look at the top two that made the list as they both have locations in Massachusetts. Let the arguments begin.

Sonic is the runner-up when it comes to burger chain brands you should never buy according to 24/7 Wall St. Here's an excerpt from the site's review of Sonic.

Sonic’s burger taste seems to have nosedived over the last few years leading to growing disappointment in customer satisfaction.

I can't give an opinion either way as I have been to Sonic once and that was many years ago. Sonic has four locations in Massachusetts including Springfield, Peabody, Stoughton, and Somerset. What is your opinion of Sonic's burgers?

Burger King takes the top spot when it comes to burger chain brands you should never buy according to 24/7 Wall St. Here's an excerpt from the site's review of Burger King.

As disappointing as it may be for Whopper fans, Burger King just isn’t as good as it used to be. The french toast sticks remain pretty great, but when it comes to the Whopper or Whopper Jr., you can expect dry patties. The whole concept of the Whopper is its fresh appeal, so when it lacks this aspect, the whole thing becomes a disappointment.

This is the one that I disagree with as I love Burger King's burgers, chicken sandwiches, and desserts. Plus, you can't pass up on a free, fun crown for the kids. Burger King has over 90 locations throughout Massachusetts. What are your thoughts? Are they the king of burgers or do you avoid BK completely?

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