Listeners of "Slater and Marjo In The Morning" may have heard me confess on Wednesday morning, to not returning the shopping cart back to the corral when I was done with it.

It's a crappy thing to do, so I'm apologizing for the two times I did it at Pittsfield's Big Y and once at Target in Lanesborough. It was foolish of me to presume that "the parking lot employee" would handle it.

I guess I'm that guy, a scumbag.

Jerry Downs Facebook
Jerry Downs Facebook

I suppose it was noteworthy to mention that I have only done this three times in my life; however, I KNOWINGLY left the carriage or cart adrift in the parking lot. I did not leave the cart near any vehicles, but nonetheless, I'm sorry.

It was probably freezing cold out, or I was late for something, or the kids were in the car and the cart corral was too far away. Whatever the reason, I promise not to do it again. It's lazy on my behalf and unfair to the employee who is daunted with task of returning rogue carts that are adrift in supermarket parking lots.

I guess I should, and I don't mean this sarcastically, be grateful that the two retailers of which I regularly patronize, don't charge a fee to access the carts! I can freely pick a cart, shop with it, and forever more return it to its rightful home, the cart corral.

I hope you, at least, found this post relative in some way. 😂

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