Berkshire County has been pumping out millionaires in 2018 when it comes to the Massachusetts State Lottery.

Last month, North Adams resident John Luscier cashed in on a "Golden Ticket" to win $1 million. Last week, another North County resident cashed in.

According to the Mass. State Lottery's website, Garrett Alibozek of Adams won $1 million on the "200X" instant scratch off game. Alibozek became the 30th person to accomplish the feat since the game was introduced.

The Adams resident chose the one-time cash option of $650,000, minus the payout to "Uncle Sam". With his winnings, he plans on using part of winnings to buy a new truck and invest the rest.

Alibozek purchased the ticket at O'Geary's Package in Adams. Along with the million dollar prize for Garrett, O'Geary's will receive a bonus of $10,000 for the ticket sale.

Congratulations to the county's newest millionaire!

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