Another suspect said to be involved in the gun fire that killed a 22 year old Pittsfield woman is now in custody.

According to The Berkshire Eagle, Pittsfield Police believe Gary "G-Black" Linen, fired shots toward the car in which Asiyanna Jones was seated in on October 2nd of 2017. Linen was arrested in the New York City area late last month and has been indicted in the shooting, on Dewey Avenue in Pittsfield, according to Berkshire District Attorney Paul Caccaviello.

Linen is accused of firing shots at two other suspects, who both have charges pending relating to the shooting, although none has been charged specifically with the death of Jones.

As we reported last week,  Carey Pilot, of Pittsfield, was charged with armed assault with intent to murder, steaming from witness statements to police that she apparently fired shots at Linen and a another 25-year-old woman. Josiah "JoJo" Bynum, is also accused of firing shots toward Linen. Witnesses say Linen then returned fire toward the vehicle Bynum was in, and then fired toward the BMW in which Jones was sitting

Pilot is being held without bail, pending upcoming bail revocation and dangerousness hearings April 23, while Bynum is scheduled for a probable cause hearing April 13. The D.A. says Linen remains in custody while his New York charges are addressed, after which he is expected to return to Berkshire County to face two counts of armed assault to murder, discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a building and carrying a firearm without a license.  Conviction on a charge of armed assault to murder carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison.

According to Caccaviello, the events that led up the the shooting remain unclear, and he continued to say the investigation is active and ongoing.

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