The City of Pittsfield, along with the Pittsfield Fire Department are reminding you to have a safe and fun winter out on the frozen lakes and ponds.

As winter outdoor recreation activities kick-off, PFD is sharing an important reminder about ice and cold water safety. Here are some tips to keep in mind to stay safe and have fun this winter season:

  • Always wear a personal flotation device (PFD) when boating.
  • Dress properly for cold weather in wool, which insulates better from the effects of hypothermia when dry or wet than man-made materials. Keep your head covered because 50% of body heat is lost through the head.
  • The only safe ice is at a skating rink. Ice on moving water in rivers, streams and brooks is never safe. The thickness of ice on ponds and lakes depends upon water currents or springs, depth and natural objects. Changes in temperature cause ice to expand and contract, which affects its strength. Because of these factors, ice cannot be called safe.

Check out this graphic below and keep it in mind before you venture out.

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