It is a question that has relentlessly tripped up pop music fans since 2014 — how is Ariana Grande managing to balance on that stool in that position on that album cover? Finally, she speaks.

Over the past three years, avowed Arianators — even the most dextrous among them — have struggled to uncover a hard truth: Is that My Everything art real? It features Ari in a position that would have seasoned contortionists crying out in empathy-pain, and yesterday (October 16), fans far and wide decided to stop guessing and try to emulate the posture, themselves.

The results were...varied.

Then, Ariana, herself weighed in on all the questioning and doubts.

"next week on mythbusters," she wrote, neither confirming nor denying that the image was real. "why don’t u try it and give us the results," one follower challenged, while another simply observed "MY LEGS HURT."

The ponytail has spoken.

Photos From Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman Tour:

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