Massachusetts is a great state to live, work, visit and play. Residents and visitors alike know how much the state has to offer, from its rich history, stunning landscapes and an overall great quality of life.

Massachusetts is currently home to just under seven million residents from Boston to the Berkshires. While most of those folks are just your average every people, Massachusetts is also the home of some pretty famous faces.

Celebs like Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Mark Wahlberg and Steve Carrel, even Chris Evans and Jennifer Coolidge all hail from the Bay State. However, in western Massachusetts, one celeb remains supreme, That person would be Elizabeth Banks.

The Pittsfield, Massachusetts native is an Emmy nominated actor, director and filmmaker who has constantly been a source of pride for her hometown. The 1992 Pittsfield High School graduate has starred TV shows like 30 Rock and Scrubs, and movies such as Hunger Games, 40 Year Old Virgin, and the Pitch Perfect series. With Pitch Perfect 2, Banks not only graced the screen as an actor, but made her directorial debut. The films $69 million opening weekend set a record for a first-time director.

So, yes, needless to say, Banks is a fan favorite in The Berkshires, but she also has some Pittsfield favorites of her own.

In November of last year, while hosting Press Your Luck on ABC, Banks brought up the age old Hot Dog Ranch vs Teo's debate (IYKYK) with contestant and fellow Pittsfield native Erin Mark. Banks proudly stated her allegiance to Hot Dog Ranch and over this past weekend she backed it up.

Elizabeth Banks Seen Celebrating Family Birthday at Western Massachusetts Eatery

According to a post on social media, the a-list actor was at the Pittsfield eatery over the weekend celebrating a family birthday. The famous baby hot dog joint posted pictures with Banks, as well as her father, posing owner and operator Craig Benoit.

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