Summer in Berkshire County continues to heat up and wild animal sightings are nothing new. With the benefit of technology, folks throughout the Berkshires and Massachusetts capture and share videos and photos of animals out in nature doing their thing. Sometimes those animals aren't that far out in nature as some of them show up on decks, patios, driveways, and backyards. Bears in particular get bold when they are looking for food.

We've Seen Quite a Bit of Berkshire County Bear Activity on Video Over the Past Year

Many of the videos we have featured in the past include Berkshire County bears knocking over trash cans as seen here. In another video, we have seen bears walking right up the stairs of a private home in the Berkshires which you can check out by going here. In this particular video, the bears end up getting scared off by the homeowner. You get the idea though, many of these videos show the bears in some kind of action whether it's running, hunting for food, etc. It's rare that we see a video of a bear just relaxing and taking in nature...until now.

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Once again, thanks to Sally Naser of CR Wildlife Cams for capturing and sharing a video of this adorable black bear cooling off on a hot summer day in Western Massachusetts. This is definitely something that you don't see every day which makes this video extra special. Check it out by going here as it's worth a minute of your time. (You'll also want to check out this owl video as well. It's not often you see an owl bathing on camera). 

I love how the bear comes right up to the camera at the end of the video and does the big shake-off. Many other people loved this video as well and had some comments and feedback which you can check out by going here.

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