The bears are out, the bears are hungry, the bears are bold. It's always interesting what you'll come across when looking around in Facebook groups. This was the case the other night. I came across the New Marlborough Photo Page group. This group contains some breathtaking videos and photos of nature's beauty. I highly recommend checking it out and joining the group.

While poking around in the group, I found a stunning video. There were three bears (a momma and her two cubs) making their way up to the porch of a Berkshire resident's  home. The video was posted by Didi Sinclair. The resident firmly "whooshed" the trio away and it worked pretty smoothly . She seemed calm and bold while doing this. Perhaps, this wasn't her first time? I think others, including myself, may have not taken charge so calmly and confidently. We included the video below for your enjoyment.

Wow! Now there's a site for you. How often do you see something like this and capture the act on video? Well done and thanks for sharing this in the Facebook group. This is also a good time to remind you of the following when trying to prevent bears from going through your garbage and/or getting a little too close for comfort:

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These tips are courtesy of the Humane Society of the United States 

  • Make trash cans inaccessible
  • Enclose your compost pile
  • Recycle wisely
  • Keep your barbecue grill clean and as free of drippings as possible
  • Rethink your birdfeeders

There's no doubt that we are full swing into bear season. Be careful out there.

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