One of the best parts about living in Berkshire County is being so close to nature. Many neighborhoods and backyards abut wooded areas and even the more settled areas aren't far from places that many animals call home.

While being so close to nature is a plus for many residents, it can often cause problems for both residents and animals, especially at certain times of the year. While most locals know this time of year you'll likely see black bears out and about, and what to be cautious and careful of, some tourists might not. Experts remind visitors and locals alike, to secure trash can and take down bird feeders that could tempt bears to take a stroll in your yard. If you run into a bear out in the woods, or in your yard, experts say to make sure you speak in a loud voice, if a bear has an opportunity to leave the situation, they will. Bears and households pets usually don't mix well either, so be aware of where your animals are, and if you're in the woods with them, always keep dogs on a leash.

There's always a chance that no matter where you live, you can see a Black Bear. Check out this video from the wife of one of our coworkers. The live in the Elm Street area in Pittsfield, which is densely populated, and an area where you might not expect to run into a bear, which is exactly what happened to her.


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