Justin Casey may be my best bud here in Berkshire County, although I may not be his 😂. So, what do ya do when you're envious of someone? Make fun of them!

Citing that Casey's stride is simply longer than mine being the reason for his faster and faster run times is simply not true. But, you know what is true? He's been training. HARD.

Justin Casey, who is the general sales manager for Bedard Brothers in Cheshire, is seen below running the 2022 Pittsfield 4th of July 5K with an impressive 21:30 finish time. A personal best for Casey.


Casey, who has been running for some years now, decided to iron the upcoming 46th Josh Billings RunAground on September 18 after a conversation with Joe Simon who previously ironed the Josh last year.

Along with Joe Simon, Brent White, and Tom Flynn, Casey formed an iron team dubbed "Mom's Spaghetti" (lifting a lyric from Eminem's 2004 hit "Lose Yourself"), to raise some money for Boston Children's Hospital of which some of their friends have had some experiences with.


This is Casey's first triathlon and will certainly be blessed to paddle in the kayak of former ironman savage, Kent Lemme (THE GOAT). Casey purchased Lemme's kayak earlier this year.

Listeners of "Slater and Marjo In The Morning" got to hear Casey on-air on Wednesday talk about the rigorous training involved in preparing for the annual race, noting that he lost 30 pounds since November of 2021.

If you have the means and want to support Casey and help raise money for Boston Children's Hospital, go here.

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