Have you ever wondered what actually happens with the toys donated to Toys for Tots after they're collected? Well you're about to find out.

For 71 years the Marine Corp League's Toy for Tots organization have been helping the less fortunate and giving every child a reason to smile. While this is a nation wide initiative, in Berkshire County, thanks to the efforts of the Marine Corp League Pittsfield Detachment 137 and the Berkshire County Sheriff's Office, all gifts collected locally, will be distributed locally.  Your donations will go right to the home of a child in need in The Berkshires. Last year the organization donated to over 2,000 homes.

Chris Keegan from the Berkshire County Sheriff's Office has spearheaded the county's toy collection again this year, and as the final bins are being collected, he shows us what happened behind the scenes. Just remember, although today is technically the last day to collect toys, the events organizer says they will never say no to donations. You can reach Chris Keegan at (413) 443-7220 x1150 for information on last minute donations.

It's truly amazing how many toys were collected right here in Berkshire County.

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