In a statement from the Massachusetts State Police, troopers have arrested two men for trafficking heroin and cocaine

Just before 10 p.m. yesterday Trooper Anthony Lavigne, assigned to State Police-Shelburne Falls, was patrolling Route 91 in Greenfield. After taking Exit 26 to Route 2 he observed a black Chevrolet Cruze speeding in the rotary. Once the Cruze exited the rotary Trooper Lavigne activated his blue lights and initiated a motor vehicle stop.

Upon the vehicle coming to a stop Trooper Lavigne approached to speak with the operator, identified as Daniel Angove, 35, of North Adams. Angove informed Trooper Lavigne that his driver’s license was currently suspended and he was removed from the vehicle then placed under arrest. After securing Angove, Trooper Lavigne returned to the vehicle to speak with the front seat passenger. After some conversation Trooper Lavigne suspected the passenger provided him with a false name and date of birth prompting him to request additional troopers to respond for assistance. After additional questioning on scene the passenger admitted to providing a false name as he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. He was identified as Eddylberto Hurtado, 23, of Springfield, and was also placed under arrest.

While troopers removed Hurtado from the vehicle they observed drug paraphernalia along with items commonly used in the packaging and sale of narcotics. Upon Hurtado being secured troopers conducted a search of the vehicle. They were able to locate approximately 700 bags of heroin with a combined weight of approximately 18 grams along with 28 grams of crack cocaine.

Angove and Hurtado were transported to Shelburne Falls barracks where bail was set at $75,000. They were eventually transported to the Franklin County House of Correction prior to their arraignment today at Greenfield District Court on the following charges.


1. Trafficking in Heroin;
2. Trafficking in Cocaine;
3. Conspiracy to Violate Drug Law;
4. Operating a Motor Vehicle while Suspended for OUI; and
5. Speeding.


1. Trafficking in Heroin;
2. Trafficking in Cocaine;
3. Conspiracy to Violate Drug Law; and
4. Furnish a False Name to Police.

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