Ah, I remember the days of going to the movies in Berkshire County. Those were fun times. My wife and I are still being careful so we haven't gone to see a movie as of late. Growing up in Northern Berkshire County, I would attend movies at the North Adams Cinema on Curran Highway and when I was really little, I would see movies at Corey's Drive-In in North Adams. Later on, as I got older I would attend movies at the theaters in the Berkshire Mall. Whether it was Hoyts, Regal Cinemas, and everything in between, I would check out the latest popular movies and sometimes some of the lesser-known ones. Horror movies have always been my jam.

At times, if a theater didn't have a particular candy that I loved, I would buy the candy elsewhere and sneak it into the theater. Many people did this. It always felt a little dirty and a little wrong, like I was getting away with something. Did you feel the same way? I should note that even though I would smuggle in a box of Spree, I certainly did my part of supporting the theater as I would buy a huge bucket of popcorn for me and my friends to share along with a number of fountain drinks. So, that made me feel a little better.

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I recently read an article in The Guardian which noted that most theaters allow you to bring your own snacks to the movies. Employees are fine with this to the point where you don't have to do the whole deal of wearing an extra big jacket while trying to be as quiet as possible and praying to god that you don't get caught. However, there are some caveats to what you can bring in which you can read about by going here. In addition, depending on the theater you plan on going to, you may want to check their policy on outside food before entering with your own snacks.

Here are my thoughts. If you want to maybe bring in one small candy snack that the theater doesn't offer, that's fine but with the hit that businesses have been taking due to the pandemic, I would suggest that you buy something from the concession stand to do your part in keeping the theater open. As it is Regal Cinemas in the Berkshire Mall is no more. Let's make sure our other fine Berkshire County movie theaters stay in business. If they don't everybody loses.

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