Once again Slater and I were lucky enough to have John Perreault, Executive Director of The Berkshire Humane Society join us in studio to chat about everything pets. John reminds all you pet owners at home to make sure you take your fur baby's safety in mind when decorating for the holidays. Low hanging tree ornaments with in a pets reach can be harmful, and I'm guessing no one wants their favorite ornament that Grandma gave you as a baby to end up as a chew toy. Don't forget tinsel is a NIGHTMARE for all pets, and a cats favorite to eat. It's just not pretty, let's just put it that way!


Now, without further ado, Ladies and Gentleman, your PET OF THE WEEK.... 

Meet Odie!



This handsome guy is a seven year old tan and white Beagle Mix, who is very affectionate pup who loves attention and is an all around wonderfull dog. John believes Odie hasn't had a stable home his enitre life and is longing for his forever home. Despite that, Odie knows some basic commands, and is mostly house trained, although will sometimes mark in new environments. Want to meet Odie or any of the other great pet's Berkshire Humane has available, sotp by 214 Baker Road in Pittsfield or visit them online.


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