Once again Slater and I were lucky enough to have John Perreault, Executive Director of The Berkshire Humane Society join us in studio to chat about everything pets. Among other things, John reminded listeners to beware of freezing winter temperatures and to wash their pets paws after they've walked in salt that might be on sidewalks or roadways. If left on there it can irritate or even burn the pads of your fur baby's feet, NO BUENO! On that note, if you're purchasing ice melt, make sure you choose a pet safe brand.

Now, without further ado, meet your PET OF THE WEEK, Madden (To my disappointment, not named after John Madden, but if you adopt him you could just tell people that.)

Madden Button


Unfortunately, there's not much back story to Madden, he was brought in recently as a stray and had a broken jaw. Thanks to local veterinarian Dr. Reynolds of Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital, Madden is already on the mend. Dr. Reynolds has stitched up his broken jaw, almost literally, even using a bottom from his own pants! You can see it in the above picture under his lower jaw. Whoever takes Madden to his forever home might even be able to keep the button as a souvenir. For more information, or to meet Madden or any pet for adoption, visit the Berkshire Humane Society on Barker Road in Pittsfield.

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