Every Wednesday at 8:30 we're joined by John Perreault, Executive Director of the Berkshire Humane Society to discuss all the happenings at their Barker Road facility, plus talk about their Pet of the Week.

This week's Pet of Week is Evie, a 9-year-old spayed black Labrador retriever mix. Evie came to Berkshire Humane Society because of the failing health of her owner. She does not get along with cats or dogs, so should be the only pet in the house.




At 9-years-old, Evie qualifies for a senior discount and does love a more relaxed lifestyle, but is also active. She still enjoys playing and going for walks outside. Evie likes to be with people, so a household where people are around most of the time is preferred. She’d also do best in a family where children are at least 13 years old.


If you are interested in Evie, please call the Berkshire Humane Society kennel at 413-447-7878, extension 126.

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